About SD Labs

SD Labs—backed by SportsDirect—is centered around solving complex business problems with a team of talented individuals leveraging innovative technologies to reinvent retail. We do this through a series of internal ventures and external investments in some of the best startups in the space. We are seeking like-minded creators, problem-solvers, and doers.

Our Approach

We believe in empowering individuals and believe personal responsibility is a force multiplier like none other. That means we are looking for team members that have grit, desire, and an overall relentless ambition to execute. Our culture is similar to that of a startup, and we are looking for people who prefer and excel in that environment.

Our Positioning

We are positioned at the intersection of corporates—with their deep pockets, existing infrastructure, broad asset base, distribution channels, expansive networks, and preferential terms; and startups—with their free-wheeling, fast-moving, greenfield environments characterized by the freedom to define new rules, challenge the status quo, discover new things, and iterate quickly. We believe this duality gives us the ability to rapidly iterate and deploy new products into a live environment to nail product-market fit before moving on to the broader market.

Current openings